Need funds for short-term expenses?

Get Loan Against Shares

online the same day

In need of funds for short-term expenses? Avail Loan Against Shares online and get an overdraft limit the same day. Continue to retain your investments in shares and manage your short-term expenses at the same time. Download the Mirae Asset Financial Services app to apply in a fast, easy & hassle-free manner. Currently available for Demat accounts with NSDL only.

What is Loan Against Shares

Loan Against Shares is a secured loan that allows you to raise instant liquidity against your shares as collateral. You will continue to retain ownership of the shares and all the benefits with them.

The loan is made available as an overdraft limit, where you can withdraw or make payments anytime as per your requirement. Funds withdrawn will be credited directly to your bank account. Interest will be levied only on the utilized amount and for the duration, it is utilized. If you have surplus funds, you can also make prepayment towards the utilized amount without any prepayment charges.

Currently, you can pledge shares held in a Demat account with NSDL only.

Features & Benefits of LAS

Get LAS Limit the same day
No need to wait for days. Complete simple steps to get an overdraft limit against shares the same day using the MAFS mobile app. Your application will be processed instantly to provide you with a limit the same day.
Zero Prepayment/ Foreclosure Charges
No lock-in, no prepayment & no foreclosure charges if you decide to repay your outstanding's early.
Instant Disbursal
Get access to funds whenever you need them. Get the required amount credited directly to your provided bank account on the same day.
Large List of Approved Securities
Select from a list of approved shares held in the Demat account with NSDL only.
100% Digital Process
No need of visiting branches or reaching out to relationship managers. With our mobile app, you can complete your entire journey online from your mobile device without any need of submitting physical documents.
Retain Ownership
Allow your investments in shares to continue to generate wealth. You continue to retain ownership of your shares and reap all the benefits that are associated with them.
Attractive Interest Rate
Avail loan at an attractive Interest rate starting at 9% p.a with a Flexi payment option. Unlike term loans, interest on LAS is levied only on the amount you use and for the number of days you utilize.
Loan Tenure
The overdraft limit provided against your shares has a tenure of 12 months and is renewed thereafter.
Higher Loan Value
Avail LAS limit up to Rs 1Cr against approved shares.
Easy Repayment
Manage your funds with more flexibility. You are required to service the interest amount accrued as per utilization on a monthly basis.

How to Avail?

Get Loan Against Shares limit with these simple steps. We recommend keeping your PAN, Aadhaar Card, Bank Account & depository participant (NSDL only) details handy while applying, for a smoother experience.

  • 1
    Download app & sign-up
  • 2
    Apply for Loan Against Shares
  • 3
    Complete KYC using PAN & Aadhar details
  • 4
    Enter bank account & additional details
  • 5
    Pledge shares using NSDL DP ID. (You will be notified by your DP once pledge is approved)
    Please note :- Pledge will be approved only on business days.
  • 6
    Verify your bank account via Net banking/ Debit card
  • 7
    E-sign loan agreement with OTP authentication
  • Your loan account is ready

Loan Details & Charges

Our aim is to cater to your financial needs with utmost transparency with no hidden charges.
Maximum Loan Amount
Loan Against
Equity Shares

(upto 45% LTV)
Minimum Loan Amount
Loan Tenure
12 Months
& renewable thereafter
Fixed Processing Fees
+ taxes as applicable
Penal Interest Rate
ROI + 4.00% P.A. for the default period
Minimum Withdrawal Amount
₹1,000. However, there is no limit on the number of withdrawals.
Interest Rate
9% p.a. (on utilized amount) Interest will be due on 1st working day of every month and the same will be debited on 3rd working day of every month from your Bank Account via NACH mandate.
Stamp Duty
Foreclosure Charges
ZERO Foreclosure charges
Bounce Charges
₹500 + taxes as applicable
Annual Renewal Charges
Bank Mandate Swap Charges
Top Up/Security withdrawal Charges
Security Invocation Charges
(in case of default)
Collection Charges
(in case of default)
Legal Charges
(in case of default)
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
9% to 24% per annum
(including fees)
Minimum Period
12 Months
Maximum Period
12 Months

* Taxes as applicable

Let's understand with an example:

If a customer takes a loan of ₹50,000 for a period of 12 months, at an annual interest rate of 9% APR, then the customer will pay monthly interest for 12 months of ₹375 per month. The total loan payment over 12 months will be ₹54,500* (including principal and interest). Total Cost of Loan = Interest Amount + Processing Fees + Stamp Duty = ₹4500 + ₹999 + ₹500 = ₹5,999

Eligibility & Documentation

This is an end-to-end digital process. Hence, no physical documents are required to be submitted. You can apply for limit, withdraw funds & repay utilised amount online directly via mobile app.
  • You should be a resident Indian individual
  • You should have a valid PAN & Aadhaar Card
  • You should have demat account with NSDL
  • You should hold approved shares as per MAFS policy
  • You should be between 18 to 75 years of age
  • You should have a valid email ID & mobile number
  • You should have a valid bank account number and internet banking access

To view, the list of approved shares, click here.


  • Credit limit is at the sole discretion of Mirae Asset Financial Services (India) Pvt Ltd.
  • The Loan Against Shares is for personal use. The loan amount cannot be used for speculative activities, capital market-related purposes, or anti-social purposes.
  • Please note :- Pledge will be approved only on business days.